Welcome Notes

Translational medicine, also referred to as translational science, is defined by the European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM), as an interdisciplinary branch of the biomedical field supported by three main pillars: bench-side, bedside and community. It is a rapidly growing discipline aiming to improve the healthcare systems. Encouraged by the importance of this research, we organize an international conference to promote educational and science development particularly on new normal guideline treatment of disease in Covid-19 pandemic. According to WHO Coronavirus Disease Dashboard, until 30 June 2020, coronavirus disease (Covid-19) take the lives of 503,862 people. In addition, there are 10,2 million confirmed case of covid-19.

There are a lot of clinical research focused at transmission mechanisms, the clinical spectrum of disease, new diagnostics, and prevention and therapeutic strategies to control the pandemic. The international conference which focuses on “Unravelling The New Normal Guideline Treatment of Disease in Covid-19 Pandemic” is a way to effectively translate the new knowledge, mechanism, and techniques, generated by advances in basic science research into new approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Faculty of Medicine,Diponegoro University puts deep concern on the research development and the growth of international scientific publications. Through ICTMHS, we hope to contribute in introducing and educating the scientific community on the nowadays.